Carlo D'Onofrio

Carlo is a tattooer with over 10 years experience , ranging from bold color to smooth black and grey. Working primarily in pop culture, Japanese tattoos and the realm of geek, he is happy to traverse new lands of subject matter. With a constant pursuit of artistic evolution and a pride in the overall tattoo experience, Carlo will provide you with a solid tattoo and a couple of laughs. Welcome to Tech Noir, Take a seat!

Dark Angel space machine healed and settling in! Thanks Auston! Warhammer anything always welcome!
Black and grey Sicilian crest. My take on it ! Thanks for getting tattooed for so many years Silv!
Some action from a while back that was lots of fun!
Rave to the grave. Thanks for the fun one! @fram3s_music
A nice crispy wilted rose, with a kiss of color. Thanks Shane! Have a great weekend everyone
Coverup from the other day. Stoked how well these covered up the existing tattoos. Wishing everyone a successful productive day. Thanks for looking
Couple of pals tattooed the other week! Based on their stuffies they owned as kids. Thanks so much !
Attack owl! Thanks for making the trip and getting tattooed Kyle!
Astral traveller on Sandra the other day! Thanks for getting tattooed!
Crispy little majoras mask made fresh today ! Thanks for all the fun stuff everyone!
Healed and settling in nicely . Thanks Aron!! Appreciate all the rad clients and fun stuff coming my way. Means the world.
Not sure what I did to please the tattoo gods but please keep that chrome coming!
Dreams come true. Classic World Wrestling Federation action. Thanks Jodi!!! Keep the chrome coming.
Little Kuromi for Laura! Thanks for getting all that  fun stuff!