Carlo D'Onofrio

Carlo is a tattooer with over 10 years experience , ranging from bold color to smooth black and grey. Working primarily in pop culture, Japanese tattoos and the realm of geek, he is happy to traverse new lands of subject matter. With a constant pursuit of artistic evolution and a pride in the overall tattoo experience, Carlo will provide you with a solid tattoo and a couple of laughs. Welcome to Tech Noir, Take a seat!

Spoopy lucky cat on Lance. Thank you for giving me boopable ideas!
Little BMO from Adventure Time vibing. Thanks Jamie!
A happy little guy crocheting under their toadstool. Thanks so much Tisha, had a blast!
Well, I’m going to hell in a honeypot.
Tough photo to snag due to the wrap ! Beastie boys comic action!
Classic Casey Jones on my Pal Jay. Thanks for the fun one!
Fun black and grey piece from yesterday! J’s childhood stuffie Froonie. Thanks!
Fun Starship Enterprise yesterday afternoon!
Super fun robot from the other day. Thanks Wendy!
Jessica Rabbit on my Pal Alan. Thanks for making the trip from Vancouver , was a good time!
A little shiny and swollen but made this on the homie @tripptattoo Honour and a pleasure to put two of my favs squaring off! Thank you!
Coverup DND dragon and D20. Thanks for the fun one Andrew!
Late post! Ran into Leah that I have tattooed back in Vancouver and she decided to get this pre draw today! Thanks so much. Really enjoyed tattooing this!
Game mashup in progress !